El ayuntamiento de Kalmar propone un nuevo crecimiento urbano con más de 3.000 viviendas.

Kalmar, Sweden

Kalmar Floodable City


1.300.000 ㎡
Creative Director
Jordi Fernández
Eduardo Gutiérrez
Luciana Teodózio
Georgina Morales
Estel·la Bosch
Julia Gallardo
3D Visualization

Alongside a single-family housing development, the Kalmar (Sweden) city council proposes a new urban growth with more than 3,000 houses in a recognized coastal area of ​​great scenic value. Under this parameter, an intervention projected from economic, social, environmental, and cultural sustainability is proposed, through urban development based on the conservation of the existing environment and the reduction of territorial impact.

El ayuntamiento de Kalmar propone un nuevo crecimiento urbano con más de 3.000 viviendas.

The truth is that a proposal based on a statistical factor is envisaged, since if urban growth were to be implemented following the preliminary scheme of single-family homes, practically 27% of the existing territory would be consumed. For this reason, from a new sustainable and conservation perspective of the areas of high environmental value that constitute the identity of Kalmar, a system of multi-family dwellings grouped in four-story towers is proposed in which eight standard dwellings are concentrated, and with that territorial occupation would be reduced to only 2%. Following this reflection, this new restructuring is intended to consolidate and protect existing landscapes by reusing roads as articulating axes in the face of the parallel realities between the countryside and the city.

But while it is true that the criterion of minimizing environmental impact has been decisive in the design process, there is an even more problematic factor. The flood forecast in the coming years increases considerably over time, which makes it necessary to anticipate the elevation of both the access roads and the multi-family units on the ground to an approximate margin of three meters. With this measure, the general intervention scheme would be completed with a parameter no less important and which results from the conjunction of those listed so far: the viability of the project.