Taipei, Taiwan

Power & Light Hotel

11.300 ㎡
Creative Director
Jordi Fernández
Eduardo Gutiérrez
Georgina Morales
Estel·la Bosch
3D Visualization


Technology and innovation are linked to generate a family building in our time. Located in the Songshan area, and fronting one of its main avenues, the proposal to create a multipurpose building on a hotel complex arises. Following the profile of hybrid buildings, a residential complex of two towers linked to the main tower is developed in a hotel that houses the commercial areas in its basement, and on which a futuristic vision materialized in a technological mantle that extends uninterruptedly is projected. along facades and pavements, giving a certain architectural uniformity. Three volumes make up the new hotel complex in which they are articulated under the same light mantle that amid the heterogeneity of its buildings, they retain the same architectural language.