Barcelona, Spain

Loop House


550 ㎡
Creative Director
Jordi Fernández
Eduardo Gutiérrez
Silvia Casitas
Oriol Rubio
Georgina Morales

In the heart of the Montnegre Natural Park, the plot on which this unique detached house is located. Following the natural topography of the terrain, a platform is proposed on which a prototype of a house is articulated, the geometry of which is associated with a simple spiral interior circulation scheme. Through an uninterrupted ramp, the volume of the project is developed helically generating an interior patio that constantly interacts with the access corridor to the main rooms of the house.

En pleno parque natural de Catalunya, se sitúa una parcela a modo de gran mirador con una vivienda unifamiliar.

Following the favorable orientation conditions, the house enjoys pleasant views over a natural landscape, in which the roof is also used to generate a walkway-viewpoint following the path derived from the volume of the project. At the same time, this walkway is surrounded by perimeter gardens, finally giving access to a terrace at the highest point of the roof.The result is a singular architecture in which the project maintains an uninterrupted profile along with an envelope that on the outside, blurs the leisure and restrooms and which in turn enjoys terraces at different points along with the housing cover.

Functional program
On the ground floor are the accesses and the recreation areas, the living-dining room, and the kitchen, with a longitudinal pool oriented towards the landscape, while the rooms continue on the first floor bordering the interior patio resulting from the walkway. The exterior cladding, likewise, follows a rhythm that condenses and expands through the openings in a vertical breakdown of uprights, enhancing the organic and sculptural character of the home. A continuous walkway configures the general volume of this detached house around a central patio. Following a helical scheme, the roof is transformed into a walkable and landscaped platform from which you can enjoy the views of the landscape.

En pleno parque natural de Catalunya, se sitúa una parcela a modo de gran mirador con una vivienda unifamiliar.