Localizado en una zona residencial, el proyecto con estructura prefabricada en madera y gestión BIM, se orienta a las mejores vistas.

Barcelona, Spain

Pre-Fab House

350 ㎡
Creative Director
Eduardo Gutiérrez
Jordi Fernández

Xavier Badia
Georgina Morales
Estel·la Bosch
Nicolás Millán

Javier Fernández
José Antonio Molina
Xavier Badia
Mikelo Gonçalves

Adrià Goula
3D Visualization
Marc Canut


Xavier Pallás


Located in a residential area of San Cugat, this plan born of prefabricated timber structures and Building Information Modelling (BIM) aims to provide the best of views, with a panorama that takes in the woods and landscaping of the city’s golf course. Gardens surround the whole building, with space for a terrace for relaxing right next to the pool. The simple floor plans distinguish between common areas and rest areas, distributed over two stories. The lower floor is home to daytime areas, with a pool and gardens and a vast terrace overlooked by the home’s main facade.




The transparency yielded by extensive use of glass links inside and outside areas, ensuring continuity and freedom of movement punctuated only by the vertical core of the building that gives access to the study and bedrooms. The unity of design from rest areas to kitchen and dining-living room guarantees visual synchrony throughout the home with a trajectory that distributes the main rooms longitudinally around the central feature of the fireplace. On the first floor, an office and two bedrooms sit behind the master bedroom, which enjoys the best of panoramic views over green areas, the pool, and the woodlands that lie beyond the plot.


Prefab wood structure

The building’s prefab timber structure is based on a modular system comprising light frames that fulfill the requirements of energy efficiency, economy, and speed of construction contained in the initial specifications established for this project. The result is evocative volumetrics reflected in a light, continuous cladding punctuated by the lines of windows and doors. The cladding and openings embody the energy and fluidity of the contours that characterize a project combining technology and architecture in close harmony throughout the design process.



BIM Application

BIM made for easier management of the project at each phase of construction and the materials and systems that bring this building into being, from foundations to timbers and façade. Prefabrication of this structure and its dimensions was planned in coordination with participating teams on a single 3D platform.