Urban Oasis es un edificio de usos mixtos situado en Argelia, en el que los focos principales son la sostenibilidad y los elementos naturales unidos a la tecnología.

Algiers, Algeria

Urban Oasis

42.737 ㎡
Creative Director
Jordi Fernández
Eduardo Gutiérrez
Luciana Teodózio
Georgina Morales
Saul Ajuría
Ernest Ruiz
Javier Bernal
Claudia Antonacc
3D Visualization


Hotel and office complex in Algeria. Green areas at ground-floor level and to the sides of the buildings improve air quality and comfort for end users of this complex.

The first two floors are dedicated to commercial premises and connect with the three towers that converge in a planted courtyard that improves natural ventilation. Another strategic design feature is the importance given to balconies on all floors: this not only allows natural light to filter into the interior but also gives users constant contact with outdoor space. Another major advantage is gained in natural ventilation, reducing energy consumption and allowing the air inside to be renewed more frequently.

The nursery on the third floor is strategically located to allow children access to outdoor green spaces for socializing and activities. Finally, the office space is distributed over two towers interspersed with plants and expansive views.