ON-A InnovatiON-Architecture,
in Catalunya Ràdio

An interview of our book, ON-A InnovatiON-Architecture, about the architecture Perspective in Catalunya Ràdio.

The online program “Perspectiva” of Radio Catalunya, a space for debating architecture and urban planning, interviewed Eduardo Gutiérrez, Jordi Fernández (ON-A founders and principals) and Ricardo Devesa (editor).

The reason for this interview it is that ACTAR published a new monograph on ON-A’s trajectory dating from 2005: “ON-A INNOVATION-ARCHITECTURE“. It is not the first time ON-A is mentioned in this program, in 2020 Jordi Fernández explained one of his most curious projects, The Nou Parc with 26 hectares of forest around the Camp Nou. This project also appears in this monograph and reflects the innovative spirit of ON-A. This and many other projects that appear in the book will be discussed in this podcast.



Program:Perspectiva – La Biblioteca de l’arquitecte
Station: Catalunya Ràdio
Interviewer: Josep Lluís Blázquez
Publication Year: 2022

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The book reveals the history of ON-A, its philosophy and emotion in architecture, from the beginning of the studio to its global growth, showing its representative projects.