ON-A. InnovatiON-Architecture

The book “ON-A InnovatiON-Architecture” was presented on Thursday, March 31, at 6:30 p.m. at the Col-legi d’Architects de Catalunya – COAC, an event organized by the Centre Obert d’Arquitectura, Cooperativa Jordi Capell.

The authors, Eduardo Gutiérrez and Jordi Fernández (ON-A’s founders), and the editor Ricardo Devesa (Actar Publisher) exposed that the main objective of the book was to innovate. Their discussion focused on the structure and the reasons for writing it.

The presentation included the participation of some of the collaborators who have accompanied ON-A in the last few years:
Areti Markopoulou, Academic Director IAAC (Talent Collaborator).
Paty Nuñez Agency (Communication Collaborator).
Emma Bellosta, Asset Manager Director at STONEWEG (Client).
Guillem Baraut, CEO of BAC (Technical Collaborator).
Daniel Guzmán, CEO and Founder of VERDTICAL (Industrial Collaborator).
Marc Albiol, Co-founder of Play-Time, Bside Visuals and Be Are (Visualization Collaborator).

A day full of innovation and excitement for the team, clients, collaborators, friends and family, and without them, it wouldn’t have been the same.



In-person registrations: more than 90 people
Online: more than 156 views

View online presentation: ON-A InnovatiON-Architecture in COAC 

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