Algeciras, Spain

Llano Amarillo Waterfront

160.000 ㎡
Creative Director
Jordi Fernández
Eduardo Gutiérrez
Luciana Teodózio
Georgina Morales
3D Visualization


A biotope system configures the new proposal for the reorganization of the seafront in Algeciras. Through them it is intended to create an artificial topography that allows a more immediate connection to the sea, starting from the existing road system as the structuring axis of a new leisure and landscape platform located in the Llano Amarillo area. Under the premise of generating a new central public space, the first objective is the desire to stratify the activities that make up the broad program of the project. With the interchange of paths resulting from pedestrian flows, the new public spaces are articulated in a framework whose continuity refers us to a geometry closely linked to nature.

Connection to the sea
Green walks, sports circuits and cycle tracks constitute the initiative to transform a strategic enclave of the city into a privileged environment. To do this, the interstitial valleys are recreated with various layers of Mediterranean vegetation, defining different alignments throughout the intervention area, which in turn are defined by the various pedestrian and vehicular circuits that operate in the area and which together guarantee close interaction with the sea. With this new landscape relief, a greater approximation with the pedestrian and active citizen participation that really interacts without obstacles of the benefits of a new dynamic and heterogeneous public space are intended, whose geometries are unified with nature. In this way, the new panoramic views offered by the place, allow a genuine approach with a seafront that until then oblivious to its context, offers a new restorative extension of the landscape within the framework of sustainability.

The platforms that house the sports and leisure activities, gradually rise into a topography that allows an uninterrupted panoramic view of the sea, and which finally expands into a viewpoint arranged on the equipment deck. The proximity to different project scenarios offers a perspective where the plurality of activities associated with a network of trails in continuous interaction with the sea and the surrounding nature reserves is highlighted.