St John’s Park Pavilion a prototype for a pavilion in one of Manhattan

New York, EE. UU.

St John’s Park Pavilion

200 ㎡
Creative Director
Jordi Fernández
Eduardo Gutiérrez
Nicolás Millán
Marc Canut
Georgina Morales
Executive Director
Luka Kreze


The development of a prototype for a pavilion in one of Manhattan’s parks was inspired by a practical exercise exploring parametric structures that expand the possibilities of the application of this technology. In this case, the site is a little used, central public space. The design aims to revitalize this urban void, not only through the installation of the pavilion but with a more comprehensive proposal for urban furniture and pavements that emphasize its radial structure and its geometry. The 200m2 temporary pavilion incorporates a three-dimensional mesh that is coded with the coordinates and main axes on which to base the rhomboid geometry, as well as the scale of the openings in the envelope, taking as a reference the formal structure of expanded metal.